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Use 3dAddFab to 3D print your parts using Polyjet technology and save 30% or more.

High Resolution Polymer Printing, Lower Prices, Fast Delivery

To receive an INSTANT QUOTE simply follow the steps below and upload your .STL file

1) Design your part in your favorite 3D CAD program and export in .STL format.
2) Upload your STL for an INSTANT quote.
3) Follow the link in your quote to order online.
4) Order by 5pm ET and your order will ship the next business day! Free Shipping on orders $100 or more!*

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***PLEASE NOTE: If your file contains multiple shells (i.e. more than one part) OR multiple parts connected by runners, a surcharge may be required before printing.***

***Please verify that you are using the correct units (default is 'inches').***

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*In some cases, due to part geometry or other factors, next day shipping may be impossible. If your part will not be shipped within 3 business days you will be contacted and have the option of cancelling your order. $15 minimum order.

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